Mummy MOT International Online Live Training!

‘International Abdominal and Pelvic Health Specialists come together for Mummy MOT Training Live Online’

Due to current circumstances, we have created a new Mummy MOT training course online with International Experts in the field of Pelvic Health.

What does that mean for you? It gives you an amazing opportunity to still hang out with international experts for two days from the comfort of your own home.

The Training Material has been updated and will allow you also to deliver Mummy Mot online afterwards. Added Bonus.

We would like to thank you for taking part in the online courses! By continuing to do so, we are able to provide you with more resources, practicals and videos. Learn from the experts and let’s work together to help more mums globally!

All you need to know about the training day

Pre Course Attendance Reading/Viewing

Please note the boxes below contain links to external sites with additional information that you may find useful to accompany the practical training.

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Useful Articles/Resources

No need to print off or bring with you but worth saving and reading.

For the course you will need to bring with you:

  • Comfy exercise clothes, including sports bra and trainers (especially for Sunday)
  • Shorts/Crop top – to make it easy to see your tummy during practicals
  • Pen and paper for any notes you may wish to take (although a copy of the presentations will be provided)
  • You may also want print off a copy of our pre-screening form as we will be going through this during training. You can find it here:

Thursday the 2nd July

(subject to change)


Registration, Sign-In & Introductions

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 4213 2656
Password: 246457

Weekend Training Agenda – Saturday 4th July

(subject to change)

Zoom Login Details

Please use for both Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July, start 9.00am.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 863 9452 2500
Password: 164984


Mummy MOT® Project

  • Childbirth Trauma. POP/ UIC/ PN/ PGP/ Lev Ani Avulsions
  • The Awful Statistics. Why this service is so necessary!

Maria Elliot
The Mummy MOT® Founder


Mummy MOT® Pelvic Floor Module with Kate Walsh
Theory and Practical Back to Basics

  • Review of the basic Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor Complex Theory
  • Practical Demonstration of Pelvic Floor Assessment Practical
  • Q&A’s Maria and Kate


Intro to Mummy MOT Assessment in Clinic Maria

  • Mummy MOT® what is it?
  • Mummy Mot Pre Screen Questionnaire for Mums.  Fill in.




The Mummy MOT® Practical Labs

  • Part 1: Postural and Alignment Check
  • Part 2: DRA check-in supine / Four-point Kneel / Standing
  • Part 3: Basic Internal Pelvic Floor Assessment What does that involve
  • Part 4: Functional Movement Check
  • Report of Findings Record
  • Suggested Recovery Package based on your working Diagnosis


Mummy MOT® Recovery Pathways



Weekend Training Agenda – Sunday 5th July

(subject to change)


Review Material from Saturday Mummy Mot Screen / Forms


Mummy MOT® Core Restore (Marta Kinsella)

  • Core Restore Practical levels 1 -6 ( Practical )

Mummy MOT® Restored Screening  

  • Restored Screening ( Practical )

Marta Kinsella
Specialist Physio


Guest Speaker Jo Fordyce Sexual Health

  • Post-Natal Sexual Screening and Solution based Therapy


Pelviva – New Innovative Pelvic health Technolgy

UIC and Solutions


Lunch – sponsored by Pelviva


Business Development with John Sewell, Support and Network

  • Mummy MOT® Project / Expansion / Foundation
  • Social Media and PR Team
  • Tech Team
  • Business Hub & CPD
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Mummy Mot System 2020
  • Post Training Agreement SLA
  • Collaboration Lets Thrive together and Help Mums

John Sewell
Brand Ambassador, Head of News
& Head of Sponsorship


The Mummy MOT® in Practice

  • Mummy MOT®Screen
  • Full Assessment Form & ROF
  • Solution Based Recovery Plan


Post Natal Physiotherapy Marta and Maria Recovery

  • Bladder, bowel, and sexual conditions
  • UIC / POP / FIC / RDA/ PGP/ C Section
  • Overview of Recovery Programmes


Questions / Answers / Feedback Forms



Information about the Mummy MOT Business Hub

Once again, we’d also like to take this opportunity to advise you of our new business model, The Mummy MOT® Business Hub. Following training you will also be invited to join our business hub which is packed full of all the great stuff your business will need to get maximum benefit from the Mummy MOT brand:

  • An enhanced practice listing on the main Mummy MOT website now professionally hosted and optimized
  • Updates and upgrades to Mummy MOT practices and materials
  • Access to the closed community discussion forum
  • Mummy MOT brand marketing benefits including links to advertorial, editorial coverage and promotional materials
  • Access to relevant and regular blogs for use as part of your own marketing and website.
  • Access to vlogs and training material from industry experts and leaders
  • The opportunity to guest blog on our website
  • A 10% discount on all Mummy MOT CPD related courses
  • Possibilities to run your own course hosted by Mummy MOT
  • Become an Assistant on the Mummy MOT Training Cours

Just £140 for the full year – further details will be sent following your training.

Our Sponsors & Partners

Thanks to our sponsors and partners for helping with this event

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