The Mummy MOT® Power System


I acknowledge and agree, that by taking part in The Mummy MOT® Power System:

  1. The programme is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. I am taking part in this postnatal programme at my own risk and acknowledge that if I make any modifications whilst participating in any part of the programme or workout or if I undertake, whilst pregnant, I also do so at my own risk. I must use caution and seek professional health advice if I am unsure about my health or fitness, or health concerns arise after I have undertaken any exercise as part of this postnatal programme.
  1. I have obtained and relied on the medical clearance of my doctor, physician, obstetrician, registered Mummy MOT® Practitioner, pelvic health physiotherapist or other medical professionals in determining to participate (and once commenced, to continue participating in this postnatal programme that involves the more advanced exercises).
  1. The Mummy MOT® System makes no guarantee that any particular fitness, nutrition or health programme is suitable, safe or adequate for any particular mum and does not state that it will fix any/every postnatal concern specifically. 
  1. I acknowledge that I must stop exercising and seek medical advice immediately if at any time, during or after, having undertaken any exercise as part of the postnatal programme, I feel generally unwell or I experience any pain or discomfort, lower back or abdomen pain, heaviness, persistent leaking or any other form of pain or symptoms (including any symptoms that my doctor, physician, obstetrician, registered Mummy MOT Practitioner, or other medical professional advised me of prior to engaging in this postnatal programme or at any time thereafter).
  1. The content contained in The Mummy MOT® Power System has been created exclusively by Maria Elliott (MCSP, POGP, APPI) and Marta Kinsella (MCSP, POGP) The programme is a postnatal guide to rehabilitate your body following pregnancy and childbirth. Whilst providing specific exercises, the programme is only a guide. The information and exercises provided is general in nature and should not replace a postnatal check, such as The Mummy MOT® assessment. 

Maria Elliott and Marta Kinsella recommend that every mum should see a registered Mummy MOT Practitioner or pelvic health physiotherapist for a 6-week postnatal assessment before progressing with the programme.