The French System

A la Française

In France, all new mums’ post natal care includes a full abdominal check-up six weeks after giving birth followed by a post natal rehab programme.

Yes that’s for all French women and yes it’s paid for by the state! In the UK many women are lucky to get a couple of post natal visits from a health visitor, but these mainly focus on the health of the baby, breast-feeding issues, or perhaps Caesarean stitch removal and scar recovery.

The French tests check that all the organs have returned to their correct positions, that the pelvic floor is recovering properly and that the tummy gap has reduced to less than 2 finger widths.

As part of this standard check a 12-week post natal rehab programme is provided where women are given exercises and advice on how to correct their posture and strengthen their abdominal and pelvic area. During the recovery process, some women are also given vaginal electrical stimulation and bio feedback via vaginal probes such as Kegel 8 to reboot the pelvic floor area and strengthen it after the trauma of pregnancy and delivery.

Why is it important?

baby-holding-hand-847820_1280The assessment and follow-up rehab programme ensure that organs return to their optimum position. Helping the pelvic floor to recover is crucial as it supports all the other organs in the lower abdomen – the bowel, the uterus, the bladder. It is key to regain pelvic floor strength and stability in the pelvic area as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of longer term health issues such as prolapse, urinary incontinence and back pain.

This early intervention also increases the chances of returning to a normal sex life post pregnancy and delivery.

Where my Mummy MOT system & Post natal rehab programme fits in

I developed the Mummy MOT after my training and work in women’s health in France. The Mummy MOT is based on the French system described above and I believe it should be available for every mother in the UK. It can help ensure that UK mums reduce the risks of long term health issues, are empowered to alleviate the often embarrassing symptoms of prolapse and urinary incontinence and avoid uncomfortable or unsatisfying sex lives after the birth of their children.

The MummyMOT – is a single 60 min introductory session for £90.00

Post Natal “Rehab Programme” – six x 45min sessions for £350.00

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Statistically in the UK..

Currently 50% of mothers who had a natural birth will suffer from a prolapse.

45% will suffer from urinary incontinence within seven years after giving birth.

If you would like a professional assessment or to find out more about the Mummy MOT visit .