Maria Elliott

Maria Elliott

Director - The Mummy MOT® Founder

Maria Elliott is the founder of Simply Pelvic Health, Simply Women’s Health and The Mummy MOT. She has worked extensively in the field of Women's Health for over 30 years and is one of the UK's leading practitioners in women's and men's pelvic health. A Specialist Post Natal Chartered Physiotherapist and a Clinical Pilates instructor, she focuses on helping women and men achieve optimal pelvic health, balance through manual therapy, Rehab dynamic exercises, and functional rehabilitation.

Maria works closely with leading Pelvic Health London Consultants, experts in the field of biomechanics, urology, gynaecology, pain management and functional rehab to provide integrated recovery programmes for men and women. Maria offers Pelvic Pain Coaching and comprehensive psychological, health and pain support, combining advice on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and breath work to aid full recovery.

Marta Kinsella

Marta Kinsella

Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Physiotherapist.

Marta Kinsella (BSc Physiotherapy)

Marta studied in both Dublin and Manchester and started her professional Physiotherapy career within the NHS in Manchester, completing her NHS rotations before moving into the private sector where she worked within a sports musculoskeletal clinic treating an array of injuries and conditions. She combined her hospital working with treating and working with semi-professional rugby teams over the course of a few years. It is within the private sector she saw a great need for women’s health postnatal care and trained in post-natal Pilates. Marta moved to London and continued to progress as a sports and rehab physio for women in London working in private clinics in Mayfair and Kensington. The number of patients that continued to come into the clinic presenting with pelvic pain, pelvic dysfunction and associated back pain were increasing. She knew that the muscles were all connected but needed more training in the pelvic health world to connect and treat the two but also to provide the right answers to her patients. This is when Marta decided to move to full time to pelvic health and team up with Maria Elliott – a pelvic health specialist in pelvic pain in London.

Over the course of the last few years, Marta has undertaken a wealth of knowledge having been trained by some of the leading women’s health physios in the country such as Maria Elliott and Kate Walsh, alongside shadowing Holly Herman.

Marta has dedicated a vast amount of her time to learning and training from leading researcher and Women’s health physio Taryn Hallam from Australia: completing courses such as The Overactive Bladder, Exercise Sport and musculoskeletal Dysfunction, Advanced Prolapse and Stress Incontinence. And furthering her knowledge completing the The Female Athlete by Antony Lo.  She has also completed a number of course in Biofeedback, Ultrasound and Bio-magnetic stimulation.

Marta works closely with the Mummy Mot team and teaches other physiotherapists the principles of returning to fitness for both pre-and post-natal ladies. She is currently looking to develop further pre-and post-natal courses in the future.

Her clinical caseload in London covers a broad spectrum of pelvic health conditions and she has a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual pelvic floor dysfunction and post-natal recovery for both amateur and athletes. She is experienced in treating pelvic floor dysfunctions including overactive bladder, prolapse, ante-natal and post-natal problems, perineal tears, scar massage (tears and C-Section). She also treats women with endometriosis, pelvic, back, pelvic and coccyx pain during pregnancy.

Marta is also trained in treating more specialist problems such as sexual dysfunction, vulvodynia/vaginismus and sexual discomfort which she treats through manual therapy, breathwork, visualisation, myofascial release techniques, activation and release techniques stretch and movement therapy. She also used bio-feedback in her clinic for some patients.

She is a strong believer in the benefits of holistic management and believes it helps to treat the pelvis as a biopsychosocial model.

Marta uses her musculoskeletal background to assess the body both externally and internally for all pelvic health patients to help analyse the bigger picture which can also help ante and post-natal women for specific pregnancy-related musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Marta is an associate member of the Association of Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapist (POGP), a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and is registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

Specialist Physiotherapist Pelvic Health

Kate has gained extensive experience as a specialist physiotherapist in the field of pelvic health for 20 years within Merseyside and London.

She works both privately and in the  NHS, having recently been appointed as Physiotherapy Manager and clinical lead at The Women’s Hospital, Liverpool.

She combines her clinical role with teaching , lecturing on the undergraduate physiotherapy course at The University Of Liverpool and the post-graduate (Masters level) course at The University of Bradford. She is also a tutor for the POGP on their ano-rectal assessment/dysfunction course and the advanced management of complex pelvic pain course. Kate works closely with the Mummy MOT team and regularly assists during the training weekends. She also runs introductory day courses in vaginal assessment of the pelvic floor complex and ano-rectal examination for MEPS and is currently looking at developing further courses.

Teaching ensures that Kate’s clinical practice is both up to date and evidence-based, whilst her clinical role allows her teaching to be relevant to current clinical practice.

She is regularly invited to speak at national meetings and takes every opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of pelvic health within both the professional and public communities.

Her clinical caseload covers a broad spectrum of pelvic health and she has a special interest in functional bowel disorders, post-natal recovery and complex pelvic pain. She is a strong believer in the benefits of holisitic management,  treating the pelvis has a whole and not compartmentalising symptoms; recognising this as key to improved functional outcomes across the board for all patients.

Miti Rach

Miti Rach

Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Miti is a pelvic health physiotherapist providing specialist physiotherapy treatment to women and men with pelvic floor dysfunction including bladder and bowel conditions, prolapse, prostate cancer and sexual dysfunction.

Miti qualified as a physiotherapist 14 years ago and worked in various health settings internationally before completing a Masters degree in Rehabilitation (Continence) from University of Bradford in 2010 including both Women's Health and Continence Programs.

Miti is very passionate about pelvic health and helping women and men improve their quality of life by educating them and providing tools to help empower them to achieve their goals.

Miti is a Chartered Physiotherapist and member of Indian Association of Physiotherapists and currently spends her time between working in the NHS and also at 4 Upper Wimpole Street alongside offering online support in India.

Outside of work, Miti enjoys volunteering and participating in various global outreach programs by Dr. Patch Adams M.D of Gesundheit Institute, USA. Clown therapy has broadened her outlook to learn from play how to care and enhanced her professional abilities to care without being in a medical model. Miti is currently learning to fly and pursuing a private pilots license.

Davina Gordon

Davina Gordon

Social Media & Content Manager
Davina is a motherhood blogger. influencer and mum of one from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She joined the team after having a Mummy MOT following the birth of her son, Sonny in June 2018. She felt so inspired by her experience that she now works to promote The Mummy MOT via social media channels and by writing engaging content. Davina has 15 years of experience as a journalist and her work has been featured on Metro, Yahoo Lifestyle, Belfast Telegraph and Belfast Live. She is passionate about women's health issues and is an advocate for educating, supporting and empowering women.
John Sewell

John Sewell

Brand Ambassador, Head of News & Head of Sponsorship

Johns role as the brand ambassador is to help the MEPS Group based in Harley London to grow its 3 division's into market-leading brands across the world.

At the forefront of that growth is  "The MummyMot" brand, which offers mothers an integrated recovery program to help their bodies recover from the trauma of childbirth.

MEPS works closely with PelviPower (Switzerland)and LPG (France) both revolutionary medical equipment companies who's groundbreaking products helps make this happen.

Maria Elliot founder of the group is one of the world's leading experts in Pelvic Health. Maria's Mission is to help make the world, Dry and fertile.

Without question, Maria is the most inspirational Founder  I've ever worked with over the past 30 years.