Diastasis Recti: Everything You Need To Know

What is it? Diastasis Recti is the medical term for a separation of the abdominal muscles vertically down the centre of the stomach.  As the baby grows inside the womb during pregnancy the connective ...


Why pelvic floor muscle training is so important

Urinary incontinence affects one in three women. So why are we so unwilling to talk about it? We live in an age in which people share a lot about their lives, but most of us are still reluctant to tal...

Iron Deficiency Postnatal

Iron Deficiency in pregnancy and postpartum

What is iron deficiency? Iron is the most common nutrient deficiency and not surprisingly, more present in women. Iron is required to make red blood cells AND for those cells to do their job properly ...

Prolapse Awareness

A New Way of Looking at Prolapse

The traditional way that prolapse is described is a ‘falling’ or ‘slipping down’ of the pelvic organs within the vagina. However, this explanation doesn’t fit with what we now know about how the body ...

The Mummy MOT Checkup

Postnatal Recovery Road Map

ALL MUMS HAVE A BIRTH PLAN, SO WHY NOT HAVE A POST BIRTH RECOVERY PLAN? Many mums-to-be spend a significant amount of time and effort on a birth plan but few spend as much energy on their postnatal re...

Postnatal PTSD

Postnatal PTSD What we can do to help

Postnatal PTSD What we can do to help – By Fiona Nicolson – an award-winning, professionally qualified, and practicing hypnotherapist and accredited by the National Council for Hypnotherap...


Diastasis Recti After Pregnancy

All pregnant women will develop a degree of abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) during their third trimester of pregnancy. It is a normal physiological change that happens to the tummy wall which m...

The Mummy MOT® and Ear Plugs – A Guest Blog by Karl Monahan

Some things in life are just meant to be – Gin and Tonic, Ben and Jerry, Tom and Jerry, Morecambe and Wise and of course that ultimate duo the Mummy MOT and Earplugs.

What?! I can’t believe you’ve never heard of the last 2?! If you are a mum with baby, babies or a dad who has all of the above then this dynamic duo is for you. It has been a lifesaver for us.

‘My Mummy MOT’ by a dad!

Although I have been there every single step of the way I cannot, in any way, shape or form, take the credit for carrying or delivering our beautiful baby boy.

That award goes to my amazing wife.

Chiswick’s Mummy MOT Adds a New Practitioner

After some much needed R&R over Christmas my team and I are starting 2017 with all sorts of exciting new plans and projects and I can’t wait to get cracking.

My first announcement is that the fabulous Sarah Marsh, a specialist women’s health physio and yoga teacher, will now also be conducting Mummy MOT’s from my West London Clinic in Chiswick from 11-4 on Mondays.