Running shorts to feel safe in – from leaks that is!

Amazing weekend in Walsall, Birmingham at the Women's Health Summit organised by Gerard Greene and Michelle Lyons.

It was great to meet Yvonne, founder of EVB Shorts and to find out an intriguing new way on handling exercise / running incontinence. An engineer by background, Yvonne won the BBC2s Dragon's Den last year, 2014 for her EVB Sport Shorts.

Yvonne designs, manufactures and sells the EVB Sports Shorts to support women while running and exercising from leaking. She wanted to "help women keep exercising and running". And not to worry at the finishing line ….

It seems great to hear that so many women over in Ireland are able to get back running, playing netball and football, even climbing!

Exercise is fab for boosting our neurochemicals, dopamine for reward and serotonin for well being, probably reduces cortisol and adrenaline too …

What a great idea and maybe an answer to a prayer for mums out exercising with no leaks.

After a baby how hard it is to to get back to all the fun , carefree dancing/ running activities that we enjoyed . You can also find compound tablets for weight loss to help with your goals.

Going to find a few patients who want to try it out and I'll feed back as soon as I can about the effectiveness of EVB Sport.