Advancing Practice in Anorectal assessment, Conservative Bowel Management and Behavioural Retraining (Biofeedback)


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Course Breakdown

  • Hybrid Course
  • Online self-study module
  • 2-day practical learning (Sat 08 and Sun 09 July 2023) in London

Course Description

A collaborative “hands on” interactive workshop, delivering an integrated approach with advanced, expert physio
and nursing skills to deliver holistic care. We are thankful to “Mummy MOT” for giving us this unique
opportunity to deliver this collaborative, hands-on workshop. We aim to teach how expert skills can be learnt
and effectively used in our clinical practice to improve quality of life for women experiencing anorectal
problems – especially during the postnatal period.

Course Tutors

Ranjita Ajit Borade – Extended Scope Practitioner in Pelvic health Physiotherapy

Maria Elliott – Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Guest Speakers

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Biofeedback, Conservative Bowel Management and Behavioural Retraining

Consultant Surgeon from St Marks Hospital

Course Aims

    • To meet the education needs of the target audience (Mummy MOT practitioner, Pelvic health physiotherapist,

Midwifes, CNS and Osteopath) and identify practice gaps that will be addressed during the workshop.

To deliver interactive sessions to demonstrate advanced assessment in action.

To empower practitioners to undertake advanced assessment of anorectal conditions, and to learn optimal

management strategies.

Learning objectives / Skills gained:

  • To be able to confidently complete a validated Anorectal Assessment within the scope of practice.
  • To be able to apply advanced clinical reasoning and condition specific management for postnatal bowel
  • To be able to confidently apply anorectal and behavioural retraining.
  • To be able to implement safe practice within scope of practice and clinical
  • governance and to address practice evaluation with Objective measures/symptom scores.

Techniques Learnt

  • Abdominal massage for constipation.
  • Digital rectal examination (DRE) using a validated Assessment tool.
  • Rectal balloon assessment and treatment
  • Low and high-volume irrigation.
  • Behavioural Retraining (Biofeedback)
  • MSK evidence-based rehab for post-natal recovery.
  • Manual Therapy and down training techniques (condition specific bowel related problems).

Using this course and skills taught in day-to-day practice

  • Implement and consolidate knowledge on anorectal physiology and apply clinical reasoning.
  • Identify and apply sensory and or motor retraining needs for anorectal conditions.
  • Apply condition specific conservative management knowledge for clinical reasoning and onward referral.
  • Apply a holistic approach and to be aware of individual practice scope for recommending irrigation.
  • Plan specific behavioural and/ or anorectal retraining for postnatal patients.

Course Prerequisites

Must have completed an entry level pelvic floor assessment course (Mummy MOT Pelvic Floor Assessment Course, POGP Pelvic Floor Examination Course or equivalent accredited course)

OR – Mummy MOT Certified Practitioner working in women’s health speciality.

If you have any questions about this course or your eligibility to join, please do not hesitate to get in touch via