The Mummy MOT®
Power System

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Mummy MOT Power System – a two-hour smart postnatal recovery programme designed by experienced pelvic health physiotherapists for new mums who have had an uncomplicated pregnancy, delivery and are ready to begin their recovery journey.

It’s our pleasure to introduce our brand ambassador and new mum Amy Willerton who is a role model for new mums. Her honesty and integrity have impressed us so much and it’s been so much fun working with her.

Amy who had an unplanned C-section says: ‘The Mummy MOT Power System is a present to me. I can give myself my body back and the ability to feel amazing and be able to move the way that I used to.

“I think it’s so important to take advantage of The Mummy MOT Power System. Everything it teaches you is completely up to date. It’s the best knowledge we have to recover postpartum and to start feeling amazing again.’

The Mummy MOT Power System is a response to COVID-19 restrictions to assist postnatal recovery at home after childbirth and provides a progressive integrated recovery programme for mums to recover during this restricted period. These are challenging times for the healthcare system and new mums need help, guidance, and support more than ever.

Maria Elliott (MCSP, POGP) pelvic health specialist and founder of The Mummy MOT, and Marta Kinsella (MCSP, POGP) pelvic health and rehabilitation physio, enjoy a strong working relationship and together have assessed hundreds of mums with a range of postnatal conditions.

We are proud to introduce this video-led recovery guide and support all mums on their postnatal journey from the early postnatal stage and beyond.

The Mummy MOT Power System gently encourages you to slowly reactivate and reconnect with your pelvic floor, then progress to low impact exercise.

A bonus at the end is an exhilarating HIT session for mums who love to raise their heart rate, energy, and sweat!

You don’t need a gym or expensive equipment. This programme is purely about recovering and rehabilitating your incredible postnatal body at home so you can steadily re-strengthen and return to doing the things you love… and what’s not to love about that? Are you ready to power up?

The First 100 to purchase the course can receive a 20% discount.

Use coupon code 'TMMPSD20' at checkout.

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