Back Pain – Relief for Back Pain

The pelvic floor muscles are closely connected to the back muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles frequently cause back pain, while poorly developed back muscles and bad posture weaken your pelvic floor. Strengthening the pelvic floor normalises the tone of the surrounding muscle tissue. This may alleviate symptoms of lower back pain as a secondary effect. PelviPower training helps to strengthen your pelvic floor and contributes significantly to improving your posture and relaxing the back muscles.

For Back Pain - The new training method for your pelvic floor

  • Magnetic field therapy to strengthen the musculature
  • Simple and painless training
  • Non-invasive training, meaning: You take a seat on a chair and train in your normal clothing
  • More effective than standard individual training
  • Confirmed by scientific studies
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists
  • Noticeable stimulation of your muscles from the first session
  • Personal training profile from our certified trainers after the first trial session

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I have slept better at night since I started PelviPower training.

TANJA L – 33 Years Old