Mummy MOT Training Courses

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Become a Mummy MOT Practitioner

Both in-person and online Mummy MOT Training Courses 2024 are priced at £1,295(+VAT)

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Mummy MOT Practitioner Training

Mummy MOT Training Course

Become a certified Mummy MOT Practitioner by taking our comprehensive 2 day Mummy MOT course.

Become a Mummy MOT FitPro

New for 2024, the Mummy MOT Fit Pro Training is ideal for any fitness professional wanting to work with the postnatal population.

Fit Pro

Mummy MOT FitPro Training Course

Become a certified Mummy MOT FitPro by taking our new comprehensive course.

Assessment and Management of Lower Bowel Dysfunction

This course is designed for clinicians specialising in pelvic health who are competent in vaginal assessment of the pelvic floor complex and management of urinary dysfunction and associated conditions, now wishing to extend their practice into the “posterior compartment” of the pelvis.

Lower Bowel Dysfunction Training Course

Introduction to Abdominal Visceral Mobilisation

Visceral Training Course

Pelvic Floor Assessment Course

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