Mummy MOT® and Holistic Core Restore® Partnership

I’m so thrilled that once again the Mummy MOT® Professionals Course this weekend was such a success. It’s always a delight to see my colleagues so engaged and enthusiastic about something which I’m so passionate about.

This is what one of this weekend’s recruits had to say:

“Inspired and motivated by my weekend with the latest Mummy MOT recruits…
thanks to you all for a wonderful experience and particularly to Maria and Jenny
for sharing their wisdom, experience and expertise.
I hope we can all now stay connected and continue learning and sharing.”

I’m also delighted to see so many MOT practitioners already sharing knowledge and linking up with the Holistic Core Restore® Experts trained by the fantastic Jenny Burrell. This is a great example of exactly the sort of information and expertise-sharing that we should all look to be doing.

hcr-logo-header-for-wufooIf you haven’t come across her amazing Holistic Core Restore programmes yet – there are nine specific workout programmes designed for women at various stages of life – from pregnancy fitness, postnatal recovery and friendly fat loss fitness to the returning athlete and peri/post menopause. Definitely worth taking a look at and letting your clients know about it.


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