Faecal Incontinence

Faecal incontinence is when you lose the ability to control when you go for a poo. This can be a complete loss of control, smaller leaks, or a sudden urge that gives you little time to find a toilet. Simple changes and treatment will often improve or even cure symptoms entirely.

Why has this happened to me?

Perineal tears – Women who have sustained 3rd or 4th degree perineal tears are at an increased risk due to the injury to not only the pelvic floor muscles but also the anal sphincters. This means muscular control is poor.

Rectal prolapse – If the back vaginal wall has weakened, the rectum can push into the vaginal wall. This creates a pocket where poo collects, rather than a poo stacking on top of the sphincter muscles. This means you can get a very sudden urge to poo when the sphincters realise a poo is waiting to come out.

Pelvic dysfunction – If you are already experiencing other symptoms such as urinary incontinence it shows that there is a weakening of the supportive structures in the pelvis, the main one being the pelvic floor. This will make it harder to control when you let the poo go.

What treatment is available?

With a detailed assessment by a Mummy MOT Practitioner, we can find the root cause of your incontinence. The treatment then follows the findings of the assessment. If there is a concern about medical causes, we will refer you to your GP.

Treatment available by Mummy MOT:

  • Education and advice – changes to lifestyle factors can help the gut make healthier poo that is easier to control. Very loose or very hard poo wants to be avoided.
  • Bowel habits – learning about how to create a good routine for toilet visits and the optimum poo consistency to reduce the strain on the system.
  • Manual therapy – hands-on treatment can help to reduce tension and facilitate healing of the effects of pregnancy and birth to give the bowel the ability to function well.
  • Pelvic floor muscle training – our pelvic floor muscles can be trained like any other muscle in the body. Creating a balanced pelvic floor that is strong, but also flexible, gives the bowel the full support it needs.

A Mummy MOT provides a detailed assessment to understand your faecal incontinence. A treatment plan tailored to your needs can then be made to get you on the road to recovery. If you would like to book in then please get in touch.