Mummy MOT® and Holistic Core Restore® Partnership

I’m so thrilled that once again the Mummy MOT® Professionals Course this weekend was such a success. It’s always a delight to see my colleagues so engaged and enthusiastic about something which I’m so passionate about.

This is what one of this weekend’s recruits had to say:

“Inspired and motivated by my weekend with the latest Mummy MOT recruits…
thanks to you all for a wonderful experience and particularly to Maria and Jenny
for sharing their wisdom, experience and expertise.
I hope we can all now stay connected and continue learning and sharing.”

Core Restore Exercises for Post Natal Rehab

Video detailing core restore exercises for post natal rehab.

Post Birth Sex Pain – A Game Changer.

It’s sex, Jim, but not as we know it… Did you enjoy sex before having your baby but now dread it because it’s painful? Is your vagina sore, dry or just doesn’t feel quite the same as before when havin...

The French System

A la Française In France, all new mums’ post natal care includes a full abdominal check-up six weeks after giving birth followed by a post natal rehab programme. Yes that’s for all French women and ye...

Why do all Mums know about their pelvic floor exercises and not about their RDA (tummy gap) ?

What is a tummy gap (aka Diastasis Recti or Rectus Diastasis Abdominis (RDA))? A tummy gap occurs naturally in all women during pregnancy. Your ‘abs’ or ‘six pack’ muscles – officially called re...

Running shorts to feel safe in – from leaks that is!

Amazing weekend in Walsall, Birmingham at the Women's Health Summit organised by Gerard Greene and Michelle Lyons.

It was great to meet Yvonne, founder of EVB Shorts and to find out an intriguing new way on handling exercise / running incontinence. An engineer by background, Yvonne won the BBC2s Dragon's Den last year, 2014 for her EVB Sport Shorts.

Mummy MOT Training with Maria Elliott and Jenny Burrell

Mummy Mot Weekend Outline Nov 2015 Day 1 with Maria Elliott Back to Basics /Theory Anatomy and Physiology of the Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Muscles Childbirth and Pelvic Trauma Current theories and r...